British Style Furniture

The British culture exudes elegance, royalty and sophistication in every sense. And it’s no wonder why British styled furniture is admired all around the globe.

What is London without its classic red telephone box on every corner? Now you can have your very own booth with quirky functionalities. Wine cabinets or bookcases, this piece of furniture would be the centrepiece of your home.

If you want to hold on to cultural ties, you’re in the right place. Our British inspired furniture blends well in every corner of your home and redefines classic English furniture with a contemporary twist.

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Dealing with PICASA LTD
She did an excellent job for us on our extension. We're delighted with the innovative ideas She came up with. Would highly recommend.

PICASA LTD is the best as I had a…
Picasa Ltd is the best as I had a great experience. The design team is brilliant with exceptional creative ideas and attention to detail.
I am impressed by the look of my home now.

Thank you Melissa
Thank you Melissa, I just adore the design you did for my workplace. Highly impressive and professional. I recommend this company.