Bedroom you admire

Bedrooms are meant to be the most attractive and relaxing areas of the house. That is why special devotion is required while setting up a perfect bedroom. Picasa guarantees you a bedroom with all the necessary features. We will take care of everything from wall colour to your bed set. The result will be a bedroom you wished.

Our Objective

When it comes down to providing you with the perfect bedroom, there are certain things that we make sure are available to you.

  • Comfortability- This is the key to every good bedroom. We achieve this by using the products of pristine quality and by the help of the experienced team we possess. 
  • Manufacture- The build quality of all the products we use to give you the bedroom of your dreams is second to none. They are bound to last a long time. 
  • Design- at Picasa we have a wide range of bedroom designs which gives you ample possibilities. 
  • Fit- our service of final fit is top-notch. We make sure that the end product is according to the wish of the customer. 

Get yourself our consultant today

To get your dream bedroom, you have to follow a simple procedure. Call us on 07446 178780 today and book your consultant to guide you through the process. Then leave it up to us to fulfil the task efficiently.

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Dealing with PICASA LTD
She did an excellent job for us on our extension. We're delighted with the innovative ideas She came up with. Would highly recommend.

PICASA LTD is the best as I had a…
Picasa Ltd is the best as I had a great experience. The design team is brilliant with exceptional creative ideas and attention to detail.
I am impressed by the look of my home now.

Thank you Melissa
Thank you Melissa, I just adore the design you did for my workplace. Highly impressive and professional. I recommend this company.