Immaculate Kitchens


The Picasa Kitchen is ironing out your kitchen fittings to provide you exemplary outlook. We know you pull off most of your life with pouring in your tummy while spending most of your time in the kitchen. Hence, we try our best to make it one exceptional experience.

The best bedroom designers in LiverPool

The perfect bedroom requires a lot of elements to be considered. Wall colour or bedroom wallpaper and flooring to mention some. At Picasa, finding the best bedroom setting for you is what we do. We make sure that you get the bedroom you deserve by paying attention to every little detail.. 

Elegant Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often neglected, but a perfect bathroom setting can undoubtedly boost the overall feel of your house. At Picasa, we undertake all kinds of bathroom fittings projects. We ensure that all of our bathrooms are beautifully designed, supplied and fully fitted. To gain absolute customer satisfaction, we efficiently manage the entire installation process

Impeccable Commercial Decorations

The perfect workplace decorations, for the most part, boosts the overall goodwill of a business. It attracts more customers who feel comfortable doing business with you. At Picasa, we entertain people wanting more than just workspace. We build them an environment that makes them love working more.